Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church of Cincinnati, Ohio. Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Refugee Resettlement Ministry

The Refugee Resettlement Ministry provides exciting ministry opportunities beyond our immediate church community.

We partner with Heartfelt Tidbits, a local and established organization which primarily serves Bhutanese Refugees. These refugees were exiled from their Himalayan kingdom over 20 years ago based on religious and ethnic differences. Though this is the largest and longest standing refugee crisis, even larger than the well-known Vietnamese Refugee Crisis in 1970s and 1980s, the Bhutanese Refugee Crisis is virtually unknown to the average American. Over 4,000 Bhutanese refugees have been relocated by the US government to Cincinnati.

The Refugee Resettlement Ministry strives to share God's love with these refugees through simple acts of kindness and hospitality. We run donation and gift drives throughout the year, collecting household items and furniture, and holiday gifts. We offer weekly transportation to English and citizenship classes, and we introduce them to their new community by taking them to local family-friendly events. Additionally, we include Bhutanese children and families in our Vacation Bible School program and other faith-based family events at church.

Anyone who has settled in a new home knows that even the smallest gesture of kindness or simplest word of encouragement can be powerful, offering a sense of comfort and reassurance.

For more information about the Bhutanese refugees in Cincinnati, visit this website: www.heartfelttidbitsblog.wordpress.com