Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church of Cincinnati, Ohio. Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church of Cincinnati, Ohio.

About Ascension Lutheran

Ascension Lutheran Church is a group of people from a variety of neighborhoods and backgrounds in Cincinnati who have been formed into the Body of Christ by the grace of God. Ascension was established in 1965 and has been the spiritual home for many people over the decades. Before settling on Pfeiffer Road in Montgomery, the first worship services of Ascension occurred at Maple Dale Elementary School in Blue Ash.

Since then Ascension has grown to become a diverse group of people who have found a common place to continue their journey of faith. Members and Friends of Ascension come from over a dozen communities from a wide geographic area to worship at Ascension. We are fortunate to have a diversified congregation in age, gender and marital and family status. Some of us were "born Lutheran" while some of us were raised in other faith traditions and found the Lutheran Church and Ascension later in life.

Because of Ascension’s size and hospitality, visitors and newcomers are readily welcomed and invited to take part in the life and ministry of the congregation. Time and time again we hear “The first time I walked through the doors of Ascension I knew I had found the church home I was looking for.” A recent visitor commented that she was “warmly welcomed and felt at ease worshiping here.”